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Overview of Global Settings

As you are starting to setup Pole Studio Manager (PSM), there are some setting that you might want to consider. To view them, go to Settings > Global Settings.

Start near the top and input your basic school information (name, address, phone, etc), and don’t worry if you have multiple locations. Start with the address of perhaps the largest location.

Under Calendar, in the video, Paula chooses to not show class code, but rather class name. The code is setup in Categories > Genre, while the class name is a unique name that you add. You can try with or without the class code or name, and see what you like best when viewing the calendar. There are additional settings to show by day, week or month by default, and also to show by location. Just remember these settings are all for the Calendar in the menu. More details in the video.

In the Class Registration section, you can set whether or not is considered for whether or not someone is allowed to register, or check Gender, and whether or not they can register. Also there is “Member Categories that can register for a class unpaid” which can allow students to register in advance (ex. next month) to reserve their spot, yet without having paid yet (perhaps they have a membership on auto renew that hasn’t renewed yet.)

Under the Classes List section, similar to Calendar above, these setting help determine which columns will appear when you are viewing the classes list.

In the Common section, you can do things like change the color scheme of your admin panel in DSM (currently Black, Blue and Purple available). You can set the DSM mode. Usually in PSM we use Adult mode, as this means one account per person. In Family Mode, this is used if there are childress and multiple family members. You can turn the online client on or off. You can turn the private lesson feature on or off. You can allow the use of a second instructor for the same class. Attendance status works with cancellations (early or too late). You can enable the prerequisites feature. You can enable more than one bank account, and set where customer payments go. You can enable/disable the “How did you hear about us?” here. You can enable icons for clients, and we have lots of ways we use icons in PSM.

Scheduled Payments is a “set it and forget” way to get payments. You can decide if you want to show various data related to this.