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Group Permissions

Your software is a powerful tool. It allows you to schedule and keeps records for your protection, like signed waivers. It also keeps track of the money coming and some of that data you just don’t want your staff to see. Enter group permissions. PSM allows you to customize who sees what in your software down to a very detailed level.

Under the main settings menu on the left you’ll find “group permissions”. By clicking on this you’ll see the current options in your software and have the ability to edit the existing and/or create new levels to meet you specific needs.

Click on the pencil icon to edit an existing permission. Click on the trash can to archive it. Add a whole new permissions level by selecting “add new” at the top right. There is no limit to how many group permissions you can have running in your software.

Once you edit or create new permissions a pop-up opens where you will customize the group permissions. Check a box to give access, uncheck a box to remove access. There are six main areas to consider: Set-up; Finance; Communications; Reports; People; and Classroom. Under each of these are a TON of options allow for very detailed customization of what that permission level can and cannot see.

After you’ve created the group permission. TEST IT. It is always important to make sure your permissions is giving the exact access you want. To verify, assign the permission to your test staff account by going to the profile, and assigning the permission created.

Reminder that you change a staff permission level any time by selecting a different group from this drop down box on their profile!

After you’ve assigned the group permissions, log in as the staff member and look around. Try it out. Did you check and uncheck the correct areas and feel good with what they are seeing? If anything isn’t right, log out of their account, log back into your admin account and tweak the group permission check boxes until your test is exactly what you want them to access.

Added bonus, sometimes you set a global group permissions but then need an exception. PSM has this option for class scheduling. If you do NOT want staff to be able to schedule a class, you have set that in a group permissions. (Private lessons are also a separate option from class type so you can allow your staff to schedule private lessons but NOT classes). But then what if there IS a group class type you want them to schedule?

PSM build in an override option under the class details that allows a staff member, regardless of the group permissions allows them to schedule classes for ONLY that class type. This is useful if you have Instructor classes or practices that you want them to be able to control.

Group Permissions should give you peace of mind that your staff is able to see what they need to see, do what they need to do, and not break things! PSM comes with four pre-set group permissions: Super Admin (this is you as the account holder), Office Manager, Instructor, Client. You can edit the existing permissions or create your own or a combination.