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Editing categories (watch before setting up classes)

The categories are an important feature to setup before you start adding classes to Pole Studio Manager (PSM). See the video at the bottom of this post. From the admin menu, click on Settings, and then Categories. Then if you click on the second blue button on the top left, you will see there is a drop down menu with all of the different categories you can setup.

Genre, Level, Program and Location

When preparing to add class to PSM for the first time, the categories you will want to edit first are Genre, Level, Program and Location. Genres might include Pole, Arial, Hammock, and Stretching. Levels could be Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Programs might be things like Adult, Children Competition, Members, and Drop In. And Location could be city names if you have studios at different addresses, or simply Studio A and Studio B.

Used When Adding Classes

In the PSM admin, if you click on classes in the main menu, and then click on Add New at the top, you will notice the four drop down menus for Genre, Level, Program and Location. For each class you create, the categories you created or edited are selected here. These categories may also appear in the list of classes you see in the admin, or your clients see in the online client or iOS/Android App.

Setting up Categories Video Tutorial