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Group Permissions

Your software is a powerful tool. It allows you to schedule and keeps records for your protection, like signed waivers. It also keeps track of the money coming and some of that data you just don’t want your staff to see. Enter group permissions. PSM allows you to customize who sees what in your software… Read More »

Credit Card Processing

One of the considerations when choosing a software is how much are you going to lose in credit card processing fees. At Pole Studio Manager, we give you a plethora of credit card processors to choose from! By integrating with multiple different processors, you have the option to call around and get the “best deal”… Read More »

Student Profile Explained

The student tab is where you keep track of your students, as well as add new students. After clicking Add New, you can enter the important data that you need to track for each student. The username and password are for logging into the online client or iOS/Android App. It is important to set birthday… Read More »

Overview of Global Settings

As you are starting to setup Pole Studio Manager (PSM), there are some setting that you might want to consider. To view them, go to Settings > Global Settings. Start near the top and input your basic school information (name, address, phone, etc), and don’t worry if you have multiple locations. Start with the address… Read More »

Setting Up Prerequisites

To setup a prerequisites, in Classes, click on a class for which you want to setup prerequisites. Click to Edit the class, and scroll down to the section where it says Prerequisite class. The way prerequisites work in PSM, when select two or more classes at the same time then both/all of those classes are… Read More »

All About Categories

Categories are your friend when using PSM. They help you customize a lot of the software for your studio. Here is a video to help you get started, and below follows a summary of the video: Charge categories are like revenue categories to help you track payments. You can add/edit charge categories, and select the… Read More »

Editing categories (watch before setting up classes)

The categories are an important feature to setup before you start adding classes to Pole Studio Manager (PSM). See the video at the bottom of this post. From the admin menu, click on Settings, and then Categories. Then if you click on the second blue button on the top left, you will see there is… Read More »